HEY! I'm Molly. I'm 25. I'm still terrible at keeping regular journal or anything that keeps my thoughts in check and I need a place to put them every now and then no matter how random and how not understandable they are! Feel free to read along with what may seem a bit chaotic. :) Enjoy the ride!

On a side note..I take no credit for stuff I put up unless it's obviously something I created or a photo I took or a rant I decided to share with the world. Also, If anyone ever feels so inclined, I'm never opposed to random conversation.
OK,, I'm done now...
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So, I just realized I have a good amount in common with Marshall, from “How I Met Your Mother.”  Minnesota grown and transplanted into NY after college graduation age. Major differences…? Nothing as cool as his life happens to mine. Oh, and he’s a dude. And, I like women. Wait, that’s a commonality as well….

ps…it does NOT snow year round in Minnesota….and not All Minnesotans talk like Marshall’s mother…just so ya all know (well, unless there has been excessive drinking; but, that’s besides the point…)

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I want to roll over at 2 a.m. to a kiss from you not a text message By

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The amount of missing I have for my girl right now is beyond explanation! I want to explode with how much I wish I could hold her right now. aflksdfklagehglkjsnfkjghvaerlht;karefb;skdj  One day I WILL roll over at 2am and kiss you, not a text…and not just one day, Everyday.